Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fracking Talk In Laredo

I meant to put up a live stream of the town hall meeting held last night, but I just couldn't get a connection to do so.  The UT Health Science Center has WiFi available but you have to have a code to access the internets while there.

Anyway, the event was very well attended.  But I was disappointed that no local officials went.  And by officials I mean the ones who actually vote on issues.  The county attorney, and former city manager, Larry Dovalina, were there.  Dovalina even went up to the mic to tell of his experience with drillers in the past and the lack of help from the state relating to his land.

Gil Bujano, the Railroad Commission representative got an earful from several people.  He emphasized to people that if a problem existed with drilling activities, it should be reported to the agency or to our elected officials (who were absent).  He acknowledged the fact that the Railroad Commission was understaffed.  Gawd bless him for being there to take the heat, but the ones who should've been there to answer our questions are the actual people who are doing the natural gas drilling. 

I think that as activity increases and it gets closer to our area, people will have to start paying attention.  I think there a lot more people who are concerned than those who think there's nothing to worry about.

(Disclosure of chemicals link; Fracking contaminating water link)


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Sex Panther said...

Yeah. . . let's not question the companies who are gambling and profiting with our natural resources.

I think everyone who attended should feel patronized by Rep. Raymond. No sabe hablarle a la gente. Now we know who he answer to and it i$n't the people.

Laredo: Politicians encouraging the ignorance of the public they serve. Can't believe the Laredo Population has to protect themselves from their own politicians.

Also Politicos: Stop kissing babies and attending photo ops and attend these meetings! They NEVER attend meetings/presentations with prevalent information. If the average citizen can attend, so can they.

DG said...

No kidding! I can't say that I was shocked at his patronizing tone. "You like nice things. You shouldn't be mean to the Oil & Gas industry because they pay for all these nice things."

I wanted to stand up & yell back "I like clean water & air more!" but it wasn't the time or place.

KeyRose said...

City council and commissioners court are another bunch of dingbats. I heard that while the coalition was giving their presentation to city council, the mayor got up and left. That should tell you everything about local politics.

harold said...

Wow! I guess we will have to organize a revolt against Richard Raymond when his re-election campaign starts again (I always hated that he only uses the Peña surname during election time to "help out" the Hispanics who are voting. Asshole!)

He really did a number at that meeting! Speaking to those who invited him and the rest of the large audience like little kids! Jeez moron! Take your pretentious ass back to where you came from! You certainly didn't come to help in any way.

Maybe one day soon he will happen to be in the lucky car behind one of those trucks when it spills and splashes some more of that contaminated water and waste.

Annie said...

Simmer down now, but I understand your POV. It's very sad that Richard Raymond acted this way; to go out of his way to insult just about everyone at the meeting. Business as usual for another politician pretending to do things for the public he supposedly represents.

I hope the topic of fracking keeps getting more and more attention. Unfortunately, it may have to be the bad attention, like another spill/accident or people starting to get sick from the exposure to contaminants, that gets the politicians doing something.

KeyRose said...

He also alluded to America's supposed exceptionalism. He commented that the U.S. has the best roads in the whole world. Wow, I didn't know he was well traveled to know the conditions of all the roads in the whole world.

Dan said...

I think Richard Raymond's point was that if we have more fancy buildings and freshly paved roads paid for by the oil and gas industry then our bodies will grow immune to drinking toxic water or breathing volatile organic compound ladened air.

Or maybe his point was that if we have more O&G bought and paid for roads and fancy buildings, some how the amount of clean water and air we need to live will be lessened.

Actually I have no idea what his point was.

Anonymous said...

Raymond proved that he not only sounds like a dimwit, he is one!

___Rule, the main Dog said...

___they would have given you the password if you had identified Urself as LMIB, certainly for an event of this scope

HJordan said...

"they would have given you the password if you had identified Urself as LMIB, certainly for an event of this scope"

You're right, ___Rule, the main Dog . Why didn't the UTHSCSA give it to you. was it poor planning by them or something more sinister?

KeyRose said...

I took it for granted that WiFi access at the UT building would be the same as that of the library or McDonald's. Little did I know I would need a password.

When I did log on, I ran into other problems.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a real hot bed of VIP's.
Exxon Mobil, Schlumberger, Conoco Phillips, and Halliburton must be absolutely petrified.

Anonymous said...

from Laredotejas:

Jaime Canales...absent, Mayor Salinas, absent, city council, absent!